Summer Achool


“sponsored by the DAAD with funds from the Federal Foreign Office (Auswärtiges Amt)”


Summer School for International Students:
Understanding the Bible from the Liturgy


The American guests with Prof. Marco Benini (4th from left) and his colleague Janosch Dörfel (1st from left)


"Sacred Scripture is of the greatest importance in the celebration of the liturgy." (SC 24). The Bible shapes the liturgy like no other book: OT and NT readings are intertextually combined. Psalms are often specifically chosen. Prayers and hymns are biblically permeated. Liturgical actions and symbols (e.g., the washing of feet on Holy Thursday, baptismal rites, etc.) are inspired by sacred Scripture. At the same time, the liturgy interprets sacred Scripture and makes the Bible, a written echo of the revelation, to the living Word of God, whom we encounter in the liturgy. The reception of Scripture (e.g., according to the literary reception theory) is part of the active participation in the liturgy.

The course explores the rich relationships between Bible and liturgy. The first part examines liturgical elements within the OT and NT. The second part discusses the various ways in which liturgy uses Scripture (cf. SC 24). The course finally pays attention to systematic-theological dimensions of the liturgical hermeneutics of Scripture. The whole course promotes an interdisciplinary dialogue of liturgical and biblical studies and considers pastoral implications in the current challenges and opportunities for the Church.

Course Schedule

  • First week (May 16-20): Liturgy in the Bible
  • Second week (May 23-27): History in East and West: From the Early Church to the Liturgical Movement
  • Third Week (May 30 – June 3): The various usages of Scripture in today’s Roman liturgy
  • Fourth week: The various usages of Scripture in today’s Roman liturgy, cont. + Liturgical Hermeneutics of Sacred Scripture
  • Fifth Week: Theological dimensions of Liturgical Hermeneutics of Scripture
  • Sixth week: Reception of Scripture and Liturgical Hermeneutics

18th May 2022

Summer School tour of the DLI library

Yesterday the students of Summer School got the chance to visit the library of the DLI (German Liturgical Institute). Apart from the vast collection of writings in the field of liturgical studies, they could also witness some of its more curious treasures, like a surprisingly long scroll containing the 'Exultet', a war-time prayer-book from WW1 and a beautifully crafted 'Missale'.

May 28th, 2022

Excursion to Maria Laach

On Saturday, May 28th, 2022, the participants of the Summer School together with students of the Faculty of Theology went on an excursion to the Benedictine Abbey of Maria Laach. After a joint bilingual mass, the participants were given an informative guided tour of the monastery by Fr. Philipp Meyer OSB and learned more about the history of the place. This ended at the abbey church built in Romanesque style, where the midday prayer took place. After a delicious lunch together, they listened to a lecture on the role of Maria Laach in the liturgical movement and its connections in the US by Stefan Langenbahn in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Benini. Afterwards, they explored the crypt of the church and the rest of the grounds. Finally, they took part in the monks' Vespers prayer. On the way home, both the American guests and the local students enjoyed the beautiful view and the shared exchange.

Gruppenfoto Maria Laach
(Foto: Brian Peters)


June 5th, 2022

Excursions to Cologne and Aachen

Over Pentecost, the Summer School travelled to the beautiful cities of Cologne and Aachen. In Cologne, the American students took on the role of church guides themselves and introduced to the city's most famous Romanesque churches. The program was rounded off with a climb up the west tower of the cathedral, a tour of the cathedral treasures and a visit to the famous Früh Kölsch brewery. In Aachen, our American guests were able to follow in Charlemagne's footsteps and marvel at his throne in Aachen Cathedral.



June 12th, 2022

Excursion to Mainz and Bitburg

Last weekend, the Summer School started the last joint excursion of the program. On Friday, a brewery tour including beer tasting in nearby Bitburg was on the agenda. On Saturday, they went to Mainz, the capital of Rhineland-Palatinate. There, the Summer School visited the Gutenberg Museum and was allowed to take part in a demonstration of the famous letterpress. A highlight in the afternoon was a guided tour of the Mainz Cathedral Museum. Here, the participants admired the numerous treasures of the (arch)diocese.


June 20th, 2022

Library of the Diocesan Seminary

On Monday June 20, the Summer School spent an exciting morning in the library of the Diocesan Seminary. The library director Dr. Hans-Joachim Cristea guided the American students through the stacks and pointed out particularly valuable manuscripts and early printings. From a liturgical perspective, there were psalteries, missals and rituals to marvel at, which could then be worked with.

Bibliothek 1
Bibliothek 2
Bibliothek 3

June 22nd, 2022


Towards the end of the summer semester, it is a tradition for students and faculty members to get together for a "Theogrillen" (barbecue of the Faculty of Theology). This semester, too, this barbecue attracted many students, professors and, of course, the participants of the Summer School. After a beautiful mass with Auxiliary Bishop Peters, the social part of the evening went to the garden of the seminary. There we enjoyed delicious barbecue food, monastery beer and Moselle wine until late into the evening. A heartfelt thank you to all those involved!

Theo 5